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A little about me...


A little about me...

I'm a lover of all things organic, natural, wild and romantic.


I'm a born and raised Lithuanian girl, who has always loved adventuring and taking road trips!

I have an amazing family that brings me joy and laughter each and every day!

I was lucky enough to have shared many years of life with my grandparents. In particular, my grandfather Vytautas put for the first time a camera in my hands. It was love at first sight. When he passed away, I realised that he left me with a deep passion for photography.

Taking pictures was also a mean to stay connected with him and the values he taught me, the family stories and our traditions. It was the last tangible thing I had left from him, that I didn't want to lose. I cherish his photographs and I want to pass it on to my children, my children's children, and so forth. There is no better way to start my story than dedicating it to my granddad and to my family.


Why Wedding photography is important to me?

Weddings are not just about two people in love coming together, but it's also the celebration of two families uniting. I'm even more inspired and moved by the real stories and I feel it's also my responsibility to share them with their future generations. What I do it's the most rewarding job I could dream of and I have never been happier!!!


Why Portrait Photography is so special to me?

 I think the greatest experience I had is listening and capturing the unique stories.

When I photograph portraits, I love seeing my clients energy shifts - that little sass, that little confidence. Photography allows me to show that unspoken permission to let them feel beautiful within themselves. That beauty shows not only from the outside, but actually shines throughout the inside with their unique personalities.

I love making people feel beautiful, it generates an exchange of energy that is just priceless.

You don’t take a photograph, YOU MAKE IT - Ansel Adams


These photographs were taken on my 33rd Birthday here in London and I'm so pleased having my story captured. Rossela Vanon is a such talented photographer and amazing educator and I am so pleased having my photos taken.

I realised that we should treat every day as a celebration of our lives, appreciate the moment "now" and pass it to the future generations. 




With love & encouragement,