There is nothing more gratifying than witnessing my Bride’s & Groom’s reaction as they walk into their venue for the first time, and see every detail they envisioned come to life.

Davina Marques_DKMevents Wedding Planning_London_Joana Senkute Photography

So let me begin… No wedding is the same and no couple is the same, BUT I can tell you there are similarities between every wedding, including the fact that you should be enjoying your special day, and not focusing on all the tiny details.

Because you put so much time, energy, money and love into bringing your BIG DAY TO LIFE, instead YOU SHOULD BE SAVOURING EVERY MOMENT WITH YOUR NEAREST AND DEAREST - not leaving those closest to you to do the running around - THAT’S WHAT WEDDING PLANNERS ARE HERE FOR!

Leading up to the Wedding Day, so much goes into the planning - from firstly understanding the aesthetic and overall feel of the Big Day, to then getting down to the fine details through:

Vendor Recommendation + Meetings & Coordination + Floor Plan Overviews + Wedding Timeline Organisation + Monthly Check-ins to keep you on track.

…Roughly speaking and only based on my own photography experience here, there are a number of important steps in a wedding that it’s worthwhile having “captured” in a picture. These are the main steps together with an estimate of their duration:
60 minutes - Bride Prep
30 minutes - Bridal Party Photos
30 minutes - Bride (+ Groom) Photos
30 minutes - Family Photos (if you have large extended families, it may take longer)
15 minutes - Reception Decor Photos
10 minutes - Ceremony Decor Photos…

…the list goes on as you imagine, and so many other items that come about for each wedding but having your DREAM TEAM lifting all the weight from your shoulders, actually makes your DREAM DAY much more enjoyable.

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3- Davina Marques_DKMevents Wedding Planning_London_Joana Senkute Photography.JPG

Ah many more factors go into the Big Day, but I can’t wait to tell you about the wedding planner that I had a pleasure to be working with - Davina Marques from the DKM events.

Davina is a warm and such an energetic person that you just wish to be around. Not only working together is an easy process but having her as a company while enjoying some delicious meal, is an absolute blast.

Not to forget to mention that her curiosity is fascinating, here she tries to find out what inspires you, how your life experiences and passions will help to define your next big event. Keeping you on a budget its her big goal to achieve and helping to find the vendors that fit your needs and handle all of the paperwork, scheduling, and appointments to ensure a stress-free planning experience…

Here I truly believe that wedding planning teams ensures that YOU ARE ABLE TO BE PRESENT AND ENYOY THE MOMENT - handling all of the planning prior to ensure things are on track + being present on the day-of to keep everything running smoothly.

Davina Marques_DKMevents Wedding Planning_London_Joana Senkute Photography

As a final result on the picture above, I had a wonderful opportunity working with this AMAZING TEAM and without everyone’s collaboration, the real magic won’t be going so smooth as it was.

So massive applause, everyone!