Oh my, my soul is bursting with joy.

I met Samantha and Mervin by connecting with a photographer friend of mine and I am so appreciative to them for allowing me to step into their intimate moment.

Mervin's sister introduced them, few years passed by with multiple & endless occasions to connect but it wasn't their destiny... yet! One day Samantha approached Mervin by opening her heart to him... Since then, Mervin remembers that precious moment as an impossible dream coming true... 

Mervin makes her smile like no one else... and Samantha lights a fire in him like only a soulmate can.

I was thrilled to spend more time with this amazing couple and I can't wait to document their first day as husband and wife soon! 


Joana :)


Location: Royal Victoria Dock, London, United Kingdom

Song: Naomi Wachira "This Is Love"